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More Games & Fun for Your Parties

Light Speed $250

Our newest and most exciting interactive game is Light Speed! It's red versus green in the ultimate racing game. 2 players race each other to see who can whack the most targets in 45 seconds. The lights and sounds on this game will have players trying their hardest to score as many points as they can before the buzzer. Great for groups big or small. Have older kids? Our game coaches will setup a tournament to see which player reigns supreme!


Carnival Game $399

This 5 sided carnival game is perfect for every age! Play Tic Tac Toe, throw a bulls eye on our Velcro dart board and more! This game will keep your guests happy and having fun while you relax and enjoy your party or event. Ask about adding Nerf guns too!


Target Games $250

Choose between our Soccer Dart Board or "Knock It Off" target game. Your guests will never get tired of challenging each other to kick a bullseye on our giant velcro soccer board! Or you can just "Knock It Off" with our fun for all ages interactive target game. Kids and adults love to shoot our SAFE bows and arrows, throw tennis balls, and blast Nerf guns at 5 floating targets!

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